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I am sure you have already heard of Wikipedia, right ? Every high-school student has already used it in order to cook up the best presentation for his History class ! With more than 6 million English articles, Wikipedia can be seen as the world's largest and most-read reference work in history. It might be easy to get lost in this mass of information. However, the platform proposes a quick and easy way to navigate between the millions of articles through the usage of hyperlinks connecting different articles. For example, these blue links are super useful to go from Christopher Columbus’ Wikipedia page, to the one of the Americas, but not only ! Indeed, these hyperlinks can give a real insight into the cultural connections that exist between diverse concepts, such as historical figures and geographical locations. As a game, Wikispeedia provides even more information in that direction !

Wikispeedia who?

Wikispeedia is a game developed by EPFL Data Science Lab based on Wikipedia articles. The rules are simple: you are given two Wikipedia articles, and starting from the first article, your goal is to reach the second one, exclusively by following hyperlinks in the articles you encounter.
The information about the article paths chosen by the players is collected and allows to build the Wikispeedia dataset.

Interested in playing a game of Wikispeedia ? Click the yellow link !

Why is it useful ?

The Wikispeedia dataset provides link paths made by players attempting to join two different concepts. But why is it useful and how can we use this ?
In fact, these connection paths between articles exhibit patterns from the player’s notions of these concepts. For example, in people's minds Christopher Columbus is known for discovering the Americas and not for music or arts. Thus, players will most likely click on the link targeting the Wikipedia article on Americas.
The interesting part is that from these connection paths we can build a connectivity graph. This graph allows us to construct a representation of Wikispeedia users’ reality, described through the centrality of countries, peoples and other concepts in this graph !
In the end, a new and reduced vision of the world can be built using data from the players’ games. This website is dedicated to constructing this summarizing vision of the world: WikiWorld ! We also question the existing differences with our real world: does this representation of Wikispeedia users' reality correspond to our own ?

Ready to build the Wikiworld ?


What countries will constitute the world shaped by Wiki users ?

When we think about a whole new world, we usually start to think about land, continents and countries. So a good starting point would be to determine what the WikiCountries are. From the existing countries that constitute our planet Earth, which ones are the most important according to Wiki users ? By using the connectivity graph mentioned earlier, we can compute the centrality score for each country. The countries with the higher centrality are kept as countries constitutive of our WikiWorld.
Are you curious to know if your favorite country made it into the WikiWorld ? Take a look at the map displaying the centrality scores below !